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Tactical Gloves

Whether you are just trying to protect your hands from the cold weather, scratches or impact damage, tactical gloves may be your answer. These gloves should be part of your survival equipment or to keep with your bug out bagSee More

Cold Weather Masks

Whether it is just cold or damn cold, a cold weather mask could make a huge difference in your comfort or survival. These masks are made of breathable fabric and designed to cover your head and much of your face. We have several of these masks designed for cold weather to be either kept with your winter gear or survival equipment. See More

Do you love hiking, camping, sports shooting, hunting and other outdoor activities? Are you in a military, survivalist or law enforcement profession? Do you have to carry a lot of gear but prefer a more 'hands free' option?   If so, our website has a variety of tactical apparel including pants, jackets, vests, shorts and belts for men and women in many different sizes to fit your lifestyle. Tactical apparal is manufactured with an array of stratigically designed components, such as reinforced pockets (both hidden and exposed), belt loops, lower profile colors, light weight fabric and many additional features   that are tailored for your specific needs.

Foot Warmers

Keep your feet and toes nice and warm in cold and extreme weather conditions. We have several toe and foot warmers available for comparison and/or purchase . See More

Tactical Belts

Tactical belts are an essential survival accessory for men and women who need a strong, durable, and adjustable belt to carry their gear and hold their pants or shorts up. Our website offers an assortment of tactical belts for a wide range of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts including law enforcement and military personnel, hikers, campers, hunters, marksmen, and survivalists. Tactical belts are a perfect addition to tactical pants and tactical shorts. See More

Women's Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are an essential form or survival gear for women, including law enforcement officers, first responders, SWAT and armed forces personnel as well as hikers, climbers, campers and survivalists who need quick access to all types of gear. Our website offers a wide range of tactical pants that are manufactured in a variety of lightweight materials, with thick belt loops and reinforced pockets. See More

Hand Warmers

Keep your hands nice and warm in cold and cold weather conditions. We have several hand warmers available for comparison and/or purchase . See More

Combat Shirts | Tactical Shirts

Tactical or combat shirts are stylish and rugged. We have several different brands of top rated tactical shirts to  add to your survival equipment or to wear around town. See More

Tactical Vests

Strong durable and functional, tactical vests are essential survival apparel for men and women in may professions including law enforcement and security personnel, EMTs, and firemen as well as recreational climbers, hunters campers, and hikers. We carry a large selection of these vests (adjustable to fit large or small body types) to help you organize and carry the gear that you need. By the way, tactical vests go extremely well with tactical pants or tactical shorts. See More

Tactical Jackets

Tactical jackets are popular with outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists because, in addition to providing protection against the elements, they are tailored with pockets (both hidden and exposed) that provide plenty of room to carry emergency supplies such as extra magazines, multi-tools, tactical flashlights, a compass, food, tissues, fishing kits, first aid supplies, maps, and many more survival tools. Our website offers a large selection of tactical jackets with special features for men and women in a variety of sizes and materials. See More

Tactical Caps | Tactical Hats

Tactical caps are not only stylish, they are baseball-style hats designed to keep the sun out of your eyes. In addition, they have Velcro patch areas on the front, on the back, and on some of them on top, for you to put any number of a variety of patches, from the American Flag to "Dont Tread on Me" patches. These tactical caps will go perfectly with your tactical jackets, tactical pants, or tactical shorts. See More

Men's Tactical Shorts

Tactical shorts provide the same basic survival apparel functions as tactical pants but are designed to be worn in warmer weather. Our website features a variety of tactical shorts that are manufactured with a strategic placement of pockets, bar tacks, belt loops, and gussets for men and women who must be able to access their tactical gear within a moment's notice. See More

Men's Tactical Pants

Tactical pants are an essential survival tool for people who rely on a variety of devices to perform indoor or outdoor tasks. Manufactured with a strategic placement of reinforced pockets, belt loops, and gussets. Survival Supplies Store offers a wide selection of pants for men and women who require quick access to their gear. See More

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