Pros:  Glow in the dark safety clip, shot a full stream and mist for over 30 feet, strong stream

Cons:   Can says only 4 seconds of spray, can is large, expensive

Pros:  Good holster, works great on dogs, shoots a good distance, purchased for home break-ins

Cons:   A little heavy, needs to be stored safely to insure effectiveness

Pros:  Nice belt attachment, can use against home intruders also, glow in the dark safety clip

Cons:   Expensive, only shot about 10 feet, cheap holster, delivered broken, not TSA approved

Amazon Rating:

4.4 Stars

Over 120 Ratings


  • 7.9-Ounce Canister with dual Propellant and Hip Holster
  • Maximum Strength
  • 30 Foot Deployment Range
  • Heavy Fog Delivery System
  • Delivers 45 Grams per Second
  • 5 x 3 x 9.5 Inches

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 60 Ratings

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Bear Spray / Bear Deterrent

Amazon Description: The Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent with Hip Holster is designed to provide protection you can count on in an easy to use format when hiking in bear country. The system includes a 7.9-ounce canister of quick-to-deploy deterrent spray with a holster worn in easy reach at your belt. Built for fast deployment in the event of a charge, the holster allows immediate access of the firing mechanism--so that you can actually release the spray from your hip. 30-foot deploy range to keep a safe distance between you and the bear--strongest bear attack deterrent permitted by the EPA. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Guard Alaska's Bear spray ultra hot pepper spray has proven so effective repelling bears, it is the only one registered with the EPA as a repellent for ALL SPECIES of bear! This bear spray is absolutely the most effective and powerful bear Guard defense spray available today. Guard Alaska Bear Spray is environmentally safe! Does not contain flammable or ozone depleting substances. This bear spray formula is scientifically proven superior, and endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation. 9 Ounce Super size. Range: Approximately 15-20 feet. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Premuim Holster with Strap and Snap Included. Same Formula for over 10 years. High volume spray when you need it most. Cannot take on commercial airlines. Find Out More

Amazon Description: This 10.2 oz. Counter Assault Bear Deterrent is the hottest formula allowed by EPA at 2% capsaicin! Longest spray time and spray distance of 9.2 seconds; 32 ft. for 10.2 oz. This also features a glow-in-the-dark safety with safety tie to prevent loss of safety mechanism. Find Out More

Amazon Description: The strongest bear attack deterrent permitted by the EPA, FRONTIERSMAN's 9. 2 oz canister is equipped with a hip holster for immediate accessibility. The glow-in-the-dark safety provides immediate location at night and its impressive thirty (35) foot range allows deployment from a distance to increase your safety when in bear country. Please note that this item is not available to ship to some states. Expiration Date: 4 years from date of manufacture. Find Out More


  • Delivers the Entire 9 Ounces in 9 Seconds
  • Free Belt Loop Holsters
  • 15-20 Feet Firing Range
  • 1.34% Actual Capsaicin Content
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Quick Fogger Delivery System
Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 45 Ratings

Pros:  Good packaging, safety is good and carrier is good.

Cons:   Canister is a little larger than I expected.

Pros:  Easy to use, lighter than a gun and won't kill anyone.

Cons:   Holster may be a little tight to grab the spray easily.


  • 30-Foot Spray Range
  • 2% CRC
  • Free 32-Page UDAP Bear Safety Tips Booklet
  • 13.6-Ounce Shipping Weight
  • Premium Holster and Strap
  • 2 x 2 x 8.5 Inches


  • 9.2 Oz Canister
  • 35' Range
  • Dual Propellant
  • Includes Hip Holster

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Bear spray is intended to be used to deter an aggressive or charging bear. You point the canister at an aggressive bear and spray the contents for at least 6 seconds. The recommended minimum distance between the user and bear is 25 feet. People who never had to use the bear mace spray during years of hiking and camping in 'bear country' have stated that it gave them peace of mind to have it with them. Because spray canisters are pressurized and contain hazardous contents, they must be stored in cool temperatures and handled with care. Order your bear deterrent spray today for your next camping trip.

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Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 40 Ratings

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 25 Ratings


  • 10.2 Oz Canister
  • 12-32' Range
  • Includes Safety Cap
  • 9.2 Second Spray Time
  • Includes Nylon Holster