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Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are a sanitary and efficient device for campers, hunters, fishermen and to use in a survival or emergency situation. We offer a selection of portable toilets in different sizes and shapes with many additional features to choose from. See More

Folding Saws

Folding saws are small enough to fit in your emergency or survival bug out kit but strong enough to get the job done. These saws are ideal for cutting limbs or cutting firewood for your campfire. We have several excellent folding saws available for comparison or purchase. See More

Walking Sticks / Walking Poles

Outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and explorers who love to hike through the woods or hilly terrain consider walking sticks or walking poles to be essential survival gear. We have a variety of durable, portable walking sticks available to enhance your mobility and add a degree of safety. See More


Whether you need a one person tent, a two person tent, a four person tent, or an 8 person tent, we have them. Tents are not only great fun for you and your friends or family for camping, but they are also a vital part of your emergency or survival gear. See More

Sleeping Bags

Keep yourself warm, comfortable, and protected by purchasing a sleeping bag and camping mattress pad that is right for you. We have a selection of top rated cold weather sleeping bags, warm weather sleeping bags, and mattress pads to fit your needs. See More

Knife Sharpeners

Keep all of your knives, hatchets, machetes, and so on nice and sharp to make sure that they work the way they should and to add a level of safety. We have several portable knife sharpeners designed to fit in your backpack, bug out bag, or pants pocket. See More

Backpacking Stoves

Backpacking stoves are portable folding stoves that are ideal to keep with your camping gear or to put in your bug out bag. In survival situations, having the ability to boil water or cook food is paramount. Backpacking stoves are light weight and inexpensive. See More

Snow Shoes

Snowshoes are devices that you attach under your boots fro walking on top of the snow rather than trying to wade through it. Snow shoes are ideal for emergency situations or for outdoor enthusiasts. Our selection of snowshoes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and widths for use in many snow conditions including hard, crusty now, fluffy powder, and more. See More

Rolling Coolers

Rolling coolers are ideal for keeping a lot of stuff cold because of their utility and mobility. These coolers are great for camping, backyard parties, or to use during an emergency power or refrigerator outage. We have a variety of rolling coolers with many styles and features to choose from. See More

Privacy Tents

Privacy tents are portable structures that can be used when camping, hiking, fishing, or emergency situations as a means of secluding the user from public view when changing clothes, taking a shower, or using when nature calls. Privacy tents can be assembled and dismantled quickly and in most cases fold into convenient carrying cases. We offer a selection of privacy tents in many shapes and sizes. See More

Portable Butane Stoves

Portable butane stoves are great for camping or survival situations. These stoves are not only portable they have easily replaceable butane canisters and are relatively inexpensive to run. See More

Pocket Chainsaws

A pocket chainsaw is one of the most popular multi-purpose tools, which can be used to easily cut wood in camping or emergency situations. These chain saws are compact, portable, and easy to assemble. Pocket chainsaws are ideal to throw in your bug out kit or keep with your camping gear. See More

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito netting protects you from biting and stinging insects while preserving airflow. Mosquito netting is popular with campers and other outdoor enthusiasts because it is portable and easily fits in any emergency kit or bug out bag. We have mosquito nets in a variety of sizes, shapes and structures to take with you on your next adventure or emergency situation. See More


Machetes are an essential tool for any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast. Large, long and broad, machetes are ideal cutting knives that can be used as self defense weapons as well as for camping in the wilderness, clearing brush, building shelters, and much, much more. We offer a selection of machetes to choose from based on your specific needs. See More


Hatchets are the perfect survival tool for outdoor tasks and are primarily used as a short axe to chop wood and clear brush. We offer a variety of hatchets with handles, heights, and weights for you to select from. See More

Folding Shovels / Entrenching Tools

One of the most popular multipurpose emergency survival tools to carry in you backpack or trunk is a folding shovel (entrenching tool / e-tool). Our strong and durable shovels come in a variety of compact sizes and shapes with a large selection of extra features for your specific needs. See More

Fire Starters

No survival or emergency kit is complete without some way of starting fires. We carry several different highly rated fire starters that will fit easily with your camping gear, in your bug out bag (BOB), or in your pants pocket. See More


When your out hiking, camping, or in emergency situations, having a canteen or way to store water is vitally important. We have several different canteens available for your survival needs. See More

Camping Cots

Enhance your camping adventure with a good night's sleep. Our selection of folding camping cots fit inside your tent and are portable, comfortable and will keep you elevated, warm, and dry in a heavy rain. Our cots are available in a variety of lengths, widths, and sizes for everyone in your family. See More

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Camping Supplies

For many people, looking back on your childhood brings back memories of one or more camping expeditions with family or friends. Your recollections may reflect an exciting undertaking, or, by contrast, a miserable disaster. When planning your outdoor adventure, your preparation usually includes research about the rules and regulations to follow and the amenities offered. Of equal importance is your selection of Survival Supplies to bring with you that will enhance your experience and protect you and yours from the elements if Mother Nature strikes!