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An emergency radio is one of your first lines of defense when electrical power is unavailable due to a  power outage. This is because emergency radios or emergency crank radios may be your sole source of communication with the outside world for all local news, weather, and relief instructions for your town and state during civil unrest, a fast moving fire, flood, hurricane, snow storm, tornado, earthquake, chemical spill, dam break, or other disaster or survival situation which can strike anytime without warning. Survival Supplies Store offers a variety of top-rated emergency weather radios. Order yours today.

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Emergency Radios

Amazon Description: No Batteries Required. Solar powered with a hand/crank option. Includes Am/FM Radio, Flashlight, Siren, Blinker and Cell Phone Charge. Store next to your bed. Keep one in each car. Find Out More

Amazon Description: This radio is a multifunctional, ultra-compact companion ready for any adventure. It has a high-quality AM/FM tuner which provides you with news if emergencies or outdoor adventures take you off the grid. Also includes a powerful solar panel which gives you the freedom to explore without the hassle of batteries or adapters, a full sized USB port to easily charge any small electrical device and AM, FM and NOAA Weather Band tuners, a flashlight and a cell phone charger. Find Out More

Amazon Description: The compact sized WR-112 includes an emergency siren, SOS flashing light, power outage flashing beacon and improved charging circuit. Charge from a USB device, AC or wall power, DC or car charger, hand crank or solar panel. Provides emergency output power to cell phones, PDAs, the Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipod, Ipad, IPhone and other small portable electronic devices.An alert mode will activate the weather band while in standby mode when a weather alert is active in your area. Find Out More

Amazon Description: This emergency radio has a compact, water-resistant design that is great for camping and adventure travel. Includes hand crank, a large solar collection panel for optimal recharging and USB and DC cords for use with a computer or AC/DC converter. The radio has built-in charging and discharge protection and AM, FM and WB reception. Get news reports and emergency instructions from local radio stations, plus 7 channels of weather alerts from NOAA. A USB port provides a few minutes of power to cell phones and other small digital devices. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Dynamo crank recharges an internal Ni-MH battery and a cell phone. Includes a bright LED light (Nichia white LED) for emergencies and a 360 telescoping antenna. Also includes AM/FM Radio and 7 NOAA weather alert channels. Find Out More

Pros:  Cell phone charger adapters fit a large variety of cell phones for a short emergency charge.

Cons:   Flashlight works well but the light to read the radio station may be dimmer than expected.

Pros:  2-3 minutes of cranking produces approximately 10 minutes of use.

Cons:  Flashlight is single LED and may be dimmer than expected.

Pros:  Includes headphone jack, USB port,  and a solar panel that prolongs battery life.

Cons:  Consumes more power in weather alert mode due to continuous scanning, but worth it.

Pros:  Approximately two minutes of cranking provides 25-30 minutes of radio at 1/4 volume.

Cons:  Radio sound system is adequate but not meant to provide music for a big party.

Pros:  Tons of features for the price,  lifesaver during blackouts, works like a charm .

Cons:  Hard time finding my radio stations, wish it was more rugged, lighter than expected. 

Amazon Rating:

4.3 Stars

​Over 180 reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.1 Stars

​Over 200 reviews


  • Hand Crank/Solar Recharge
  • AM/FM/NOAA Weather
  • LED Flashlight
  • USB Port
  • USB Compatible

Amazon Rating:

4.2 Stars

Over 900 reviews


  • Great Gift Idea
  • No Batteries Required
  • Cell Phone Charger Included


  • Hand Crank/Solar/Wall Recharge
  • AM/FM/WB Reception
  • 7 Channel Weather Bank
  • Weather Alert Mode
  • Emergency Siren/Flashing Beacon
  • 3 LED Flashlight


  • Hand Crank/Battery Recharge
  • AM/FM/ WX Reception
  • 7  NOAA Weather Channels
  • USB Port
  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • Telescoping Antenna

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

​Over 160 reviews


  • Hand Crank/ Solar/ USB Recharge
  • AM, FM, WB Reception
  • 7 NOAA Weather Channels
  • USB Port
  • Powerful 3 LED Flashlight
  • Waterproof Rubber Housing

Amazon Rating:

4.4 Stars

Over 600 reviews