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Fishing is an excellent method of procuring food and is relatively easy for anyone to do. For this reason outdoor enthusiasts feel that a survival fishing kit adds great value to any camping and/or wilderness survival adventure. Fish kits can be purchased in many price ranges in accordance with the fishing kit's contents. Fishing kits may contain bait, fishing lines, tinder, fire starters, fishing hooks, knives, instructions, etc.  Fishing kits are also available in a variety of storage choices including large containers, small containers, waterproof containers, metal containers and plastic bags. Here are some of the most popular best-sellering emergency fishing kits to select from. Order now for your next fishing excursion.

Survival Fishing Kits

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Amazon Description: 15-Pc. Emergency Survival Fishing Kit. Fits any Bug-Out / survival bag. Play it safe. Catch fish for a survival meal. Kit has: 2 fishing lures; 1 fly; 2 bobbers; Simulated salmon eggs bait; Leader; Weights; 6 hooks (2 ea. of 3 sizes); 50' of 12-lb. line; Water-resistant tin. 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 1"h., 2 ozs. Get this Survival Fish Kit at a scaled down price! Order Now! 15-Pc. Emergency Survival Fishing Kit Find Out More

Amazon Description: Micro Fishing Survival Kit BE PREPARED! You get two (2) of these kits, keep one for yourself and a spare (or give to a friend)! Each kit comes with the following: 4 Hooks 2 Split shot 10# Mono Fishing Line 1 Fishing Fly Marabou Jig Plastic Bait Foam (tie on for strike indicator (bobber) 2 - Metallic flash (fold over line just above bait for "flash" Mini Instruction sheet All come in waterproof floating tube. Includes all items for basic fishing needs. Find Out More

Amazon Description: The Speedhook is specifically designed for survival applications and is so effective, it is outlawed for non-survival use in some areas. This small device is used for fishing and trapping when no food is readily available. The Speedhook works like a spring loaded trap and when a fish, or other small animal, "takes the bait", it automatically springs open setting the hook. This is the U. S. Military Version of the Speedhook and is currently included in the Cold Weather Survival Kits of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserves and others. Find Out More

Amazon Description: 1 x Carabiner "grenade" survival kit pull with tin foil, tinder, fire starter, fishing lines, fishing hooks, weights, swivels, dobber, knife blade wrapped in 500 lb paracord. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Provides all the essential elements to successfully catch fish. Among the 37 items is the uniquely designed VIGILANT TRAILS Fishing Line Winder. This piece of equipment takes the place of the traditional fishing rod, yet still allows the fisherman to easily cast and retrieve. Pre-spooled with 150' of clear 10 pound, abrasion resistant Mono fishing line. Find Out More

Pros:  Highly Recommend, great addition to a bug-out bag, awesome kit, compact, worth the price

Cons:  Directions could be better

Pros:  The carabiner is light weight and easy to attach to packs, sturdy, great deal in a small package

Cons:  Started to unravel after a few days, smaller than expected, hard to put back together

Pros:  A must for your GO bag, built to last, simple to set up, comes with bait

Cons:  Instructions could use some tweaking, needed to adjust the trigger tension

Pros:  Small enough, has what you need to set up a survival fishing rig, well designed little kit

Cons:  Was expecting it to be larger, could have had more weights, minimal amount of supplies

Pros:  Easy to carry or stow, tucked inside a small metal container, great to add to a survival kit

Cons:  Should have  fit more in the container, could have built my own for less money

Amazon Rating:

4.4 Stars

​Over 100 reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.9 Stars

​12 reviews


  • Micro Sized
  • Quality Materials
  • 2 Pack (You Get 2 Complete Micro Kits)

Amazon Rating:

4.6 Stars

​Over 30 reviews


  • Quality Components
  • Designed by Avid Fishermen
  • More of Most-Used Items
  • Meets Alaska/Canada Over Flight Requirements
  • Assembled in the USA


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Made in the USA
  • US Military Speedhook
  • Check Local Laws Before Using
  • Fishing Line, One Hook, Dehydrated Bait, and Complete Instructions


  • Comes in Several Different Colors
  • 7 Foot Paracord (Approximately)
  • Premium Accessories
  • Contains a Sharp Knife

Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

​Over 600 reviews


  • 150' of Clear 10lb Abrasion Resistant Mono Fishing Line
  • Two Grubs, One Crawdad, 4 Artificial Worms, Cigar Shaped Float, Nylon Coated Wire Leaders, Egg and Split Shot Sinkers, Swivels, 12 Hooks, and Knife

Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

​Over 20 reviews