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Survival Food Buckets

As part of your emergency plan, check out our food buckets. We have several top-rated food buckets filled with dehydrated food with a long shelf life to fit your survival needs. Put one right next to your bug out bagSee More

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

We have several reverse osmosis (RO) systems available for comparison. Reverse osmosis systems are several-stage systems to make your drinking water much much cleaner. These systems are part of your home survival supplies. See More

Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are essential for ensuring clean, drinkable water in any survival emergency. Our website  has a selection of the top rated emergency water purifiers that are small enough to fit in your backpack our bug out bag. In the event of an emergency, having a good water purifier can be the difference between life and death. See More

Water Purification Tablets

Every bug out bag should contain water purification tablets or a water purifier. If you are ever in an emergency or survival situation, clean drinking water may not be available for you or your family. These tablets are designed to kill off bacteria and parasites in contaminated water. See More

Survival Seeds

Survival seeds are an ideal way to provide you and your family with a healthy, abundant, all-natural variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs year after year. All preppers should keep a supply of emergency survival seeds to prepare for the future. See More

Power Bars

Power bars are the snack most requested by people who are always 'on the go'. Our website includes a variety of these highly rated energy bars to provide you with the calories you need to sustain your energy when needed. See More

MREs / Meals Ready to Eat

Are you an outdoor adventurer, a camper, hiker, skier, climber, or prepper? Do you live in an area where a weather disaster can force you to evacuate quickly? If so, MREs are easy to throw in your backpack, BOB, or in the trunk of your car to sustain you with healthy and delicious food to keep you going. We have selected an assortment of some of the most popular MREs that you can order through our website. See More

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Food and Water

Are you looking to stock up on food and water supplies to combat rising prices and safeguard self-sufficiency in today's uncertain economy? Do you want to ensure availability in areas where food and water supplies are limited?  Are you health conscious and seeking to control or eliminate consuming food and water with artificial chemicals and additives?  Do you want to stock up on water purifying and carrying supplies that are essential for survival? The ability to provide healthy meals and water for your family is a critical responsibility.  These prepackaged food and water Survival Suppliesoffer a variety of choices to help you and your family preserve your health, your independence and your safety.