Deer and Elk Calls

Calling all deer and elk hunters. We have some of the top rated deer and elk calls by Primos. Find out which one will work best for you or fit in with your hunting gear. See More

Small Game Calls

We have several  of the best 8 person tents (8 man tents) to meet your camping or  emergency survival needs. These eight man tents are easy to assemble and large enough for most families. These waterproof tents are ideal for overnight camping or to keep with your survival gear. See More

Whether you are looking for a tent to keep with your bug out kit or you need a tent for camping, we have the tent for you. Survive the elements in a 1 person tent, 2 person tent, 4 person tent, or 8 person tent. Click on one of the images below to view the selection that best fits your comfort, survival, or emergency needs.

Predator Calls

We have several  top rated 4 person tents (4 man tents) to meet your camping or survival needs. These four man tents are light weight and easy to assemble. These waterproof tents are ideal for overnight camping or to keep with your emergency gear or bug out kit. See More

Game Calls

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Duck and Goose Calls

Toss a few duck calls in with your hunting gear to get the competitive advantage. We have chosen several Duck Commander Duck and Goose calls for you to compare and contrast for your survival needs. See More

Whether you and your friends or family are avid campers or you are just looking to add to your emergency or survival supplies, tents are essential. We have listed top-rated one man, two man, four man, and eight man tents to meet your needs. These tents are light weight and easy to assemble. Most of the tents have additional dry storage areas so that you can keep your bug out bag and camping gear dry.

Turkey Calls

Hunters and bird watchers alike will enjoy our collection of top-rated turkey calls. Turkey calls can be put with your hunting or survival equipment. Compare and contrast the different types of calls. See More

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