Pros:  Easy to use, great piece of gear for any tactical environment, used in combat, great for the $

Cons:  Battery life is not great, needs a better book, speed calculations erratic, altitude is off


  • Stores up to 5 Locations and Logs up to 48 Hours of Trip Data
  • Tracks Time, Temperature, Altitude, Distance, Longitude and Latitude
  • Breadcrumbs Feature
  • Includes Quickstart Guide, etc.

Amazon Rating:

4.2 Stars

​Over 600 reviews


  • High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver with HotFix
  • Keeps Track of Routes, Tracks, and Waypoints
  • Trackback Feature
  • Wrist Mounted
  • Waterproof, Rugged, and More

Amazon Rating:

4.6 Stars

​Over 200 reviews

Do you love to hike, travel and explore the outdoors? If so, a handheld GPS (global positioning system) can help you accurately locate your position and find your destination. One of the most valuable survival supplies for any outdoor enthusiast, a handheld portable GPS navigation system comes with a variety of functions. Here is a selection of the most popular handheld GPS systems to help you find the system that works best for your budget and your lifestyle. Order yours today!

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Handheld GPS

Amazon description: Cleverly simple, the Foretrex 301 is a slim wrist-mounted GPS navigator perfect for outdoor activities that require the use of both hands. Foretrex 301 combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, rugged, waterproof design and USB interface ideal for hikers, skiers and campers. No matter where your adventure takes you, you'll never worry about getting lost with the Foretrex 301. Foretrex keeps track of your path and displays it as a dotted trail on the screen. Just turn on Foretrex's TracBack feature, and you can retrace your path back to where you started. Find Out More

Amazon description: Exciting new features include a 3" sunlight-readable color touchscreen with enhanced clarity high-speed USB for faster map transfers with your puter plus a 3-axis tilt-pensated pass. This pass will allow the unit to report an accurate heading even when the unit is not held level.A built-in DEM (digital elevation model) basemap supports terrain shading and route elevation profiles to help you visualize terrain difficulty. HotFix satellite prediction helps find your position quickly and precisely while the high-sensitivity GPS maintains its signal even in heavy cover and deep canyons. Find Out More

Amazon description: The Bear Grylls Edition BackTrack D-Tour is GPS made simple. Like Bear, you'll never get lost, no matter where you are. Using it is simple. To get back to where you started, you just push a button and follow an arrow. You can use the BackTrack D-TOUR to find your car in a parking lot, your campsite, your hiking trails, find your way back to your hotel in an unfamiliar city or a tree stand at your favorite hunting property. Find Out More

Amazon description: Features high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix for improved performance and reception in heavy tree cover or deep canyons. Keeps track of routes, tracks and waypoints. TracBack feature retraces user's path on the easy-to-read LCD display. Supports dual position readout so user can view current location in multiple formats. Features trip computer, sunrise/sunset times, hunting/fishing information, electronic compass and barometric altimeter. Find Out More

Amazon description: Outdoor navigation meets touchscreen simplicity in Dakota 20. This rugged, palm-sized navigator combines touchscreen navigation, high-sensitivity GPS with HotFix satellite prediction, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass and microSD card slot in one affordable, power-packed punch. Find Out More

Pros:  The interface is simple to use, locks onto satellites in much less time, good size and cost

Cons:  Hard to use, no compass or heading indicator, confusing manual, no elevation readings

Pros:  Easy to use and reliable touchscreen, a good range of quality maps, the unit is quite rugged

Cons:  Only recognizes up to a 4GB card, hard to read in the sun, wish it had more internal memory

Amazon Rating:

4.0 Stars

Over 70 reviews


  • 3-Axis Tilt-Compensated Electronic Compass and Barometric Altimeter
  • 3" Color, Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen Display
  • High-Speed USB  for Faster Map Transfer, and More

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 80 reviews


  • High-Sensitivity GPS Receiver with HotFix
  • Keeps Track of Routes, Tracks, and Waypoints
  • Trackback Feature
  • Wrist Mounted
  • Compass, Altimeter, and More6

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Pros:  Great for a small GPS unit, works well, moron proof, great for hiking and hunting, accurate

Cons:  Not a full-blown GPS, difficult to program, need to remove batteries when not in use

Pros:  Screen is easy to see even in bright sunlight, works both on and off road, a GPS I can trust

Cons:  Hard to understand setup, screen is too small, battery life not as good as claimed

Amazon Rating:

4.4 Stars

Over 100 reviews


  • Tracks and Uses up to 12 Satellites
  • 2.6-Inch LCD Display
  • Preloaded with a Worldwide Basemap Plus 850MB Internal Memory
  • Micro SD Slot