Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless killer. These detectors are a very inexpensive insurance policy to protect you and your family. Survival depends on detecting carbon monoxide (CO) early. We have assembled some of the top rated CO detectors for comparison and/or purchase. See More

Along with the joys of home ownership comes the responsibility of protecting your home, your family and your valuable possessions from unwanted intruders, fire, power loss and dangerous weather.  Our website has a wide variety of emergency survival and security devices, surveillance equipment, back-up power supplies, firearm vaults, greenhouses and water barrels to help you safeguard and defend your 'American Dream'.   


A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse) is a plastic or glass building that heats up when incoming sunshine is absorbed and provides an ideal environment for growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. We offer a selection of top-rated home greenhouses to meet your emergency survival needs. We also have heirloom survival seeds available for purchase.  See More

Escape Ladders

Fire emergency procedures play a crucial role in every family's safety plan. In a situation where a fire ignites in your home and the flames and smoke-filled rooms make it impossible to exit through one of your doors, you only have moments to deliver yourself and your family to safety. In situations where jumping out of a window could be life threatening. Fire escape ladders are an excellent and easy-to-use emergency survival tool. We have a variety of fire escape ladders to meet your needs.  See More

Emergency Generators

Anyone who has experience a power failure and lost the function of their electric service, their heating, cooking, and air conditioning remembers how difficult it was to live without them. Even worse, loss of power could be an emergency life-threatening condition for disabled people who rely on electric-powered medical equipment. Emergency generators are considered by many people to be an essential survival resource. Our website provides you with a large selection of emergency generators in a variety of sizes and prices that will supply you and your family with backup power when regular systems fail.  See More

Door Security

As crime rates continue to rise in today's turbulent times, home invasions have escalated causing a rise in fatal encounters between homeowners and the desperate armed assailants who rob and assault them. Surveys indicate that two-thirds of all illegal entries are made through the doors of people's homes. Our website provides several highly rated door security devices to protect you and your family from assailants who can no longer break through your doors and into your home. Order your door security system today. See More

Home Safety

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Water Storage

Make sure that you have enough water stored in your house to be prepared for a survival or emergency situation. We have several top-rated inexpensive emergency water storage containers available for comparison and/or purchase.  See More

Gas Cans

Whether you need a gas can to fill your emergency generator or other power equipment, having a gas can that you can count on is important. We have several excellent gas cans for your emergency survival needs or just to put gas in your lawnmower. Please make sure to store your gasoline safely according to the directions and local codes.  See More

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are an essential survival tool for you and your family. Ideally, you should have several smoke detectors spread throughout your house to make sure that smoke is detected early and that anyone sleeping will be woken up.  See More

Rifle Safes

Rifle Safes are essential for safeguarding your firearms from young family members, house guests, and home intruders. Manufactured with a minimum of 3/16" steel, rifle safes are strong enough to discourage forced entry and to keep your firearms safe. We  offer several great rifle safes in different shapes and sizes to fit your budget and floorspace.  See More

Rain Barrels

We have several top rated rain barrels used to collect rain water, which can be used to water plants, water your lawn, or as an emergency water supply.  See More

Home Surveillance Systems

We have several excellent video surveillance systems for your home. Keep an eye on the inside and/or outside of your home remotely for your safety and your family's safety. These surveillance systems also include a DVR which will save video recordings to a hard drive for future use if needed.  See More

Gun Boxes

Gun boxes are essential for your family's safety when handguns are stored in a home where children reside. We have a variety of excellent handgun boxes which will provide you quick access to your weapon in the event an emergency survival situation arises.  See More

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Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are a great alternative to wired systems which typically have expensive long-term contracts. Wireless systems are easily installed by most homeowners and allow you a choice of contracting with a monitoring company or not. In addition, should you ever decide to move, you can take your wireless alarm system with you. We offer several of the highest rated alarm systems to fit your budget and emergency survival needs.  See More