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Machetes are large, long and broad cutting knives, usually measuring 20 inches in length or longer. They can be used as self defense weapons in cases of survival and in many parts of the world, machetes are also an all-purpose tool used daily in the wilderness. Machetes are very inexpensive and extremely functional for survival tasks such as clearing brush, chopping wood, building shelters, etc. To help you narrow down which machete is best suited for you, we have compiled a selection of machetes along with their functions and their pros and cons according to users.

Amazon Description: The Cutlass machete from Ka-Bar is ideal for chopping down weeds, clearing a campsite, or cutting small limbs and tree branches. The machete is comfortable to hold with an ergonomically shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle that ensures a nonslip grip. The leather/Cordura combination sheath, which fits conveniently on your belt. Other features include a hollow grind, a 20-degree edge angle, and a blade length of 11 inches. 16-1/2 inches overall and weighs 1.12 pounds. Find Out More

Amazon Description: This machete has a 12 ½-Inch blade and a black leather sheath. It has a micarta handle and comes with a leather black sheath. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Where other companies look to hired help for their "knowledge", standing on the shoulders of giants, Lynn and his team invested their own blood, sweat and tears, endlessly sparring with different prototypes and looking for ways to improve upon this already near perfect design. Lynn recognized that many of the qualities that make a great fighting knife also make a great bushcraft tool. A sharp blade, strong tip, good hand protection and a versatile handle are all key. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Tramontina Machete Wood.23" overall. 18" blade. Natural color hardwood handle. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Field-tested and -approved, the Ka-Bar Kukri machete is ideal for chopping down weeds, clearing a campsite, or cutting small branches. The machete is equipped with a 1085 Kukri-style carbon-steel blade that excels at chopping and basic field use, along with an ergonomically shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle with a non-slip grip. The Kukri measures 17 inches overall with an 11-1/2-inch blade and comes with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath. Find Out More

Pros:  Will hold a razor-sharp edge, well balanced, ergonomically fitted handle, good strong coating

Cons:  Blade is shorter than a typical machete, soft blade, cheap sheath, handle loosens

Pros:  Well balanced, good quality steel, holds an edge well, good price, very sharp, solid machete

Cons:  Could use a wrist strap, needed to put grip tape on the handle, no sheath, small handle

Pros:  Solid, holds an edge well, good for chopping, comes very sharp, comfortable, great value

Cons:  Plastic handle should have been riveted, handle irritates the hand after a while

Pros:  Value for your money, heavy duty...good for cutting limbs and wood, will outlast you

Cons:  Can't get it out of the sheath with one hand, easier to hold with the handle wrap

Pros:  Includes a sheath, holds a razor sharp edge, nice cushioned handle, great for brush clearing

Cons:  Heavy for prolonged use, blade may chip or pit, sheath not great


  • 2.6 Pounds
  • 19-1/2 Inches Overall
  • 12-1/2 Inch Blade Length
  • 5mm-1075 High Carbon Steel
  • Epoxy Black Powder Coating
  • Micarta Handle
  • Black Leather Sheath


  • 1.2 Pounds
  • 16-1/2 Inches Overall
  • 11 Inches Blade Length
  • Ergonomic Thermoplastic Elastomer Handle
  • Cutlass Shape
  • 1085 Carbon Steel Blade


  • 1.3 Pounds
  • Overall Length: 20-3/4 Inches
  • Fully Sharpened
  • Cor-Ex Sheath


  • 1.4 Pounds
  • Overall Length: 23"
  • Blade Length: 18"
  • Natural Color Hardwood Handle
  • High Carbon Steel


  • 1.7 Pounds
  • Overall Length: 17 Inches
  • Blade Length: 11-1/2 Inches
  • Kukri Style
  • Carbon-Steel Blade
  • Non-Slip Thermoplastic Handle
  • Black Leather Sheath

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

Over 600 Reviews