Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

Over 40 reviews


  • Self-cleaning rotary switch
  • Batteries sold separately
  • Spare lamp secured in tailcap
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance
  • 1/2 turn, cam action focus, spot-to-flood

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 100 reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

Over 1,400 reviews


  • 3D-cell flashlight with 3-watt LED
  • Aluminum alloy case
  • Water and shock resistant
  • Efficient power usage
  • ​Durable and reliable


  • High-intensity light beam
  • 1/2 turn cam action focus spot-to-flood
  • Self-cleaning rotary switch
  • Spare lamp
  • Heavy duty
  • For task and emergency lighting

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

Over 800 reviews

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Pros: Great 3 pound/19 inch flashlight, a man's flashlight, great, baseball bat
Cons: Wish they had it in an LED version, poor on/off switch, bulb shattered
Pros: The biggest and best MagLite, a club that is also a light, the flashlight you need
Cons: Decent but outdated, focus isn't the focus any more, in the 90s it was 5 stars
Pros: Best LED flashlight for the price, worth a second look, five stars, bright
Cons: LED doesn't zoom down narrow enough, burned by customer service
Pros: Stunning performance and natural color, focuses from flood to long reaching beam
Cons: Warranty is almost the cost of a new flashlight, should have a wrist strap
Pros: Best pocket flashlight, extremely bright, holster, clip-on flashlight
Cons: Not as bright at XL50, doesn't focus, will roll off of a table

Maglite Flashlights

MagLite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight

Amazon Description: The Maglite three D-battery LED flashlight, well known for its quality, durability, and reliability is now available with new MAG-LED technology. Designed for professional and consumer use, benefits include a powerful projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head, balanced optics combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED for a brilliant adjustable beam, intelligent energy source management (patent pending) balancing high brightness with efficient power usage, and water and Shock resistance. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Find Out More

MagLite ST2DDX6 2D LED Flashlight

Amazon Description: Powerful projecting beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. Find Out More

It is important to have several flashlights available in the event of an emergency or survival situation. Flashlights are a necessity during power outages, to keep in your bug-out-bag, to keep in your glove box, to keep with your camping gear, or to keep in several rooms in your house. Maglites have a long history of being one of the best flashlights available. Their ruggedness and dependability are outstanding.

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Mag Instruments Maglite 4-Cell D Hang Flashlight Pack

Amazon Description: Bright lights, burly cases, fail-safe on/off switches, virtual indestructibility: there are very good reasons to rave about Mag Instrument flashlights. It goes without saying that a flashlight defeats its own purpose if it can't be trusted, which is why so many people spend a little extra for this four D-cell Mag-Lite. We've dropped ours off ladders, kicked it down stairs--just generally abused the thing--and it lights up now just as readily as it did when we first turned it on. Find Out More

MAGLITE S6D015 Heavy-Duty 6-D Cell Flashlight

Amazon Description: MAGLITE S6D015 Display Box Heavy-Duty 6-D Cell Flashlight, Black. Find Out More

Maglite XL200 LED Flashlight, Black

Amazon Description: Maglite LED XL200, The newest, brightest member of the XL series of compact flashlights offers 5 basic, easy-to-use functions plus advanced features and the stunning brightness of a next-generation LED. Find Out More

Amazon Rating:

4.6 Stars

Over 600 reviews

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  • Five selectable modes
  • Beam distance of 138 meters at 173 lumens
  • Rugged machined aluminum construction
  • Adjustable beam
  • ​Sealed at both ends


  • Balanced optics, combining a highly refined reflector with a quality LED, adjustable beam
  • Efficient power usage
  • Aluminum alloy casing
  • Durable and reliable
  • Water resistant