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Pros: Bi-directional teeth cut on every pull
Cons: A longer pull cord would be better
Pros: Easy and fast, must have for emergency bag, does the job
Cons: Inefficient for the garden
Pros: Larger than normal teeth make cutting faster
Cons: Sharper than normal cutting teeth can cause injury
Pros: Extra length of 36" gives better traction
Cons: Blade would cut faster if it was thinner
Pros: Easy to use, safe to carry
Cons: None posted

Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear - Cutting Teeth Every Link

Amazon Description: It is so easy to use and these are the reasons why: With Cutting Teeth Every single link it really is a human powered Chainsaw ! - this amazing little device EATS wood and weighs nothing!! Its flexible, more compact than many others. It works like a charm and easy to use. What separates Stunning Gadgets Pocket Chainsaw from the competition? Its simple really. It starts with the Design, the Materials of construction to the packaging and the outstanding customer service. Find Out More

Sharpest Survival Pocket Hand Chainsaw with Pouch

Amazon Description: 92-plus sharp teeth and unique comfortable handle ensure this hand tool delivers the highest performance. Find Out More

Hand Saw - Pockets Chainsaw Blade

Amazon Description: Great handtool with aggressive, bi-directional cutting teeth that perform on every pull. Find Out More

Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw 36-Inches Long with Carrying Case

Amazon Description: Great survival tool tears through logs, branches, and tree roots. Use for camping, gardening, hiking, and bug out bags. Find Out More

Tactix Outdoor Pocket Chainsaw

Amazon Description: Great manual survival hand tool. Easy and convenient to use for gardening, hiking, camping, and bug out bags. Find Out More

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 1,000 Reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.6 Stars

Over 100 Reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

Over 40 Reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

Over 200 Reviews

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Pocket Chainsaws

Are you a homeowner, hunter, camper, backpacker, fishermen, hiker and/or survivalist? If so, a Pocket Chain Saw is the perfect multi-purpose tool for cutting through wood limbs in a hurry. Made of high strength, heat treated steel and coated for rust resistance, a survival pocket chain saw is quick cutting, portable, compact, can be assembled in seconds and fits easily in your car, household emergency kit and bug-out bag.


  • Includes Carry Pouch & Belt Loop
  • 92+ Teeth are Larger & Sharper


  • Cutting teeth every link
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 4 ounces


  • Includes Carry Pouch & Belt Loop
  • Bi-Directional Cutting Blade
  • 24 Inch Length


  • Includes Carry Pouch & Belt Loop
  • Includes Fire Starter
  • Heat Treated Steel Blade
  • 36 Inch Length


  • Includes Carry Pouch & Belt Loop
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • 24 Inch Length

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

19 Reviews