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Tactical Pens are so popular because they have a variety of uses that are discretely hidden in plain sight: a stylish writing pen; a stylus for touch screen use; a self-defense tool designed for close-quarter striking, shattering glass and much more. Our website includes a variety of highly rated tactical pens; many with waterproof ink cartridges that can also write upside down. Find Out More!

Tactical Knives are a popular survival tool because they are designed for the job they will perform (i.e., cutting rope, leather, carpet, seatbelts, and/or breaking glass, etc.). Our website offers affordable, highly rated tactical knives in a variety of lengths, along with additional features such as  beltclips, grip ridges, easy grip handles, etc. Find Out More!

Tactical Keychains are considered essential survival tools because you custom design them to meet your specific needs. We offer tactical keychains on our website that hold your keys and include multi-use features for self defense, survival, emergency repairs, measurements, navigation, lighting, outdoor activities and many other uses. Find Out More!

Tactical Flashlights are durable and powerful survival tools that are designed to enhance visibility and act as an effective self defense option if you are forced to protect yourself against an attacker. Our website offers a variety of top-rated tactical flashlights with features such as a built-in strobe to disorient an attacker, lightweight models for everyday carry, holsters, batteries and much, much more to fit your particular lifestyle and budget. Find Out More!

If you are looking for a non-lethal self-defense device to protect yourself and your family from a violent attack, a Stun Gun (also known as a taser) may be the best survival option for you. We have a large selection of highly-rated and affordable stun guns with a variety of features to fit your unique circumstances. Check with your local law enforcement agency to learn if there are any restrictions on the use of stun guns in your area. Find Out More!

Today's uncertain times have caused many of us to feel insecure in what appears to be an increasingly violent world. Learning to disarm an attacker and gain the upper hand quickly is the best way to save you and your family from serious injury or death. Our website has a wide selection of DVDs to help you increase your self defense skills and your confidence. Find Out More!

Pepper spray is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes tears, pain, and temporary blindness. It is most commonly used as a personal self-defense product and as a survival tool to protect you from attacking animals, especially dogs and bears, and for policing and riot control. We offer a variety of affordable pepper sprays on our website, in sizes and strengths for your specific needs. Find Out More!

A Neck Knife is a small fixed-blade knife carried in a sheath and suspended by a paracord or ball chain around your neck. If you want quick access to a strong, single-edge knife, without having to search through your gear, pockets and belt loops, a neck knife may be the perfect survival tool for you. Our website includes some of the most highly rated neck knives, along with comments from people who purchased them.  Find Out More!

Special forces elite operators are trained every day on how to react to a violent attack. They know that winning a life threatening encounter is always more important than surviving it. By contrast, for those of us who are not professionally trained, tactical weapons are readily adaptable and versatile enough to be used in real world self-defense situations. Our website has a large selection of self defense options that can help provide you with the tools and confidence needed to proactively protect yourself and your family when your life is on the line.

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