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4.5 Stars

Over 20 reviews


  • BRK Brands
  • 9120B
  • ​4.8 ounces
  • 5.6 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches

Amazon Rating:

4.2 Stars

Over 60 reviews


  • Microfiber
  • Rectangular shape
  • Poly cotton or Microfiber
  • Standard stuff sack
  • 33" x 80"
  • 1 pound, 5 ounces

Amazon Rating:

4.7 Stars

Over 40 reviews


  • Mummy shape with box foot
  • 100% spun polyester dries rapidly and breathes freely
  • Zippered side access
  • Nylon stuff sack with mesh panel for speedier drying
  • 6'6" long, 28" head, 12" foot

Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

11 reviews

Pros: Perfect soft blanket, five stars, I love this fleece cozy, great performer
Cons: Not for use by itself if the weather is rainy, it is what it is
Pros: Quality exceeds the price point, essential for travel, amazing, wonderful
Cons: The zipper is the only drawback
Pros: Surprisingly warm, a great item, five stars, solid value for a useful device
Cons: Worth 5 stars if it was more affordable, it's big

These liners are meant to fit in your sleeping bag or even use as a stand-alone blanket or sleeping bag. The idea of sleeping bag liners is to make your existing sleeping bag warmer while adding to your comfort. They are light weight and inexpensive. Add one (or more) to your survival equipment, camping gear, or BOB.


  • 100% polyester 
  • Imported
  • For temperatures around 50 F
  • Fits heights up to 5'11"
  • Low-profile design
  • Fits inside another sleeping bag
  • ​Machine washable


  • Bump up your sleeping bag a few degrees with this 2 pack of microfiber liners
  • Dark green and brown
  • Microfiber fleece
  • 69" x 29"
  • ​Can use as a cozy blanket

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Pros: Five stars, wonderful and multiple use, great for backpacking, a better solution
Cons: Was scratchy and stiff, hard to use, overpriced
Pros: Light weight and compact, comfortable little bag, good bag for warmer weather too
Cons: Comes with Coleman's 'special' red zipper, not quite warm down to 50 degrees

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4.4 Stars

Over 200 reviews

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Sleeping Bag Liners

Coleman Stratus(TM) Fleece Sleeping Bag

Amazon Description: The Coleman 8197C410 Stratus Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner is the perfect accompaniment to any sleeping bag, especially when you are camping where you are not sure how cold it is going to be. This sleeping-bag liner is full-size, measuring 33-inches by 75-inches, and fits most full-size sleeping bags up to 5-feet 11-inches long. When used with a sleeping bag, this liner adds 12 degrees of thermal protection, making a 35-degree sleeping bag usable at temperatures as low as 23 degrees! Find Out More

TETON Sports Sleeping Bag Liner (XL, 87"x 36", 12 oz)

Amazon Description: This sleeping bag liner feels like a luxury sheet, is easy to insert in your bag, and quickly comes out for machine wash. Protect your bag from dirt and campfire smoke smells, while improving your comfort. Liners extend the life of your sleeping bag, and they are a must-have for multi-day trips or when more than one member of the family uses the same bag. This is one of the best liners out there for the price. This liner will improve the temperature rating on your sleeping bag by about ten Degrees. Find Out More

Bundle Monster 2pk Microfiber Fleece Adult Sleeping Bag Liner

Amazon Description: Going some place cold and you know your sleeping just is not going to cut it? Add one of our sleeping bag liners to your bag and be super comfy and cozy. These liners are made from a microfiber fleece and zippered around 3/4 of the bag like a regular sleeping bag. You can also use as a stand alone sleeping bag or unzip to use a a blanket for weather sleep overs, camping or tailgating. The bag size is 69 inches long by 29 inches wide, have a 55 degree rating, and are NOT waterproof. Find Out More

ALPS Mountaineering MicroFiber Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner

Amazon Description: If you're tired of trying to clean the inside of your sleeping bag and it's constantly getting dirty, an ALPS Mountaineering Rectangle Sleeping Bag Liner will be a great solution. Using a liner will eliminate all the dirt that gets transferred from the great outdoors to your sleeping bag. Liners are easy to remove and toss into the washer when you get back home (a lot easier than trying to clean the whole inside of your bag!) If you ever need a light cover in the summer time, the liner can double as a sheet as well. Find Out More

Sea to Summit The Toaster Fleece Thermal Liner (Black)

Amazon Description: Turn up the heat, and make after-camping washing easy, with the Sea To Summit Toaster Microfleece Mummy Liner. This lightweight microfleece liner slips inside your mummy bag, so when you crawl in at the end of a long hike, you'll feel soft, warm fleece instead of the chilly, silky inside of your sleeping bag. The Toaster Liner has a zippered opening and a contoured hood with an elastic draw cord. Pack this Sea To Summit liner in its included stuff sack. Find Out More