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Warm Weather Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are designed for warm weather conditions. Typically, these sleeping bags will protect you in temperatures above 40 degrees (below that, you should look at cold weather sleeping bags). View the specifics by clicking the following button. See More

Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are designed to keep you nice and toasty in extreme cold. Cold weather sleeping bags are manufactured in a way to keep you warm in temperatures down to zero and in some cases far below zero. We have several excellent cold weather sleeping bags available for comparison and/or purchase. See More

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Sleeping Bags

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Camping Mattress Pads

Mattress pads designed for camping are designed to make you more comfortable and to create an air barrier between you and the ground. These pads are inexpensive and roll or fold up to take up very little room. You should keep these with your camping supplies or with your bug out kit. See More

Sleeping bags will keep you protected against the elements when sleeping under the stars, inside a tent, or inside an emergency shelter. Ideally, you should put a camping mattress pad or camping cot between the sleeping bag and the ground or tent bottom to not only get you off the ground but to help you be more comfortable by creating an air barrier between you and the ground. For emergency or survival situations, it is a good idea to have enough sleeping bags for the entire family.