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These tools are ideal for camping, fishing, or for emergency or survival situations. These inexpensive tools will easily fit in your tactical pants pocket, your jacket, bug out kit, and more. We have several excellent multi-function tools available for comparison and/or purchase. See More

Survival Tools

Whether it's credit card sized tools, multifunction tools or Swiss army knives, we have 'em. These survival tools are excellent to keep in your wallet, pocket, or bug-out bag in the event of an emergency. These tools are also great to keep with you when you are hiking or camping. Click on one of the links below to find out more information. These inexpensive tools are a great part of your prepper gear.

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Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army knives have been the staple for multi-function tools for many years. These knives are well built and hold many emergency tools. They are well made and the tools are made of stainless steel for years of problem-free use. These survival tools are excellent to keep in your glove box, your tactical pants, tactical shorts, tactical vests, bug out bag, purse, or with your camping gear. See More

We have several emergency survival tools to fit your needs. Although these won't take the place of a fully-loaded toolbox, these small light weight survival tools are small enough to fit in your pants pocket, your jacket, your bug out bag, or in some cases, your wallet. These emergency tools are inexpensive and are an essential part of your survival equipment.

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Credit Card Tools

Although these tools are not meant to fit in the credit card slot of your wallet, they are the same length and width. However, because they are thicker, they typically would be a little too thick for most credit card slots. These small emergency tools are ideal for keeping in other places in your wallet, in your pants, your purse, your bug out bag, your glove box, or your jacket . See More