Pros:  Excellent quality, easy to use, easy to conceal for trapping.

Cons:  Burrs on ends of wires may snag back pack.

Pros:  Great addition to bug out bag and easy to use for small game.

Cons:  Quality snare works better with larger small game but too large for arctic hare.

Pros:  Great quality, small, lightweight and compact.

Cons:  Illustrated instructions are on a very small piece of paper - not easy to read.

Amazon Rating:

4.2 Stars

Over 30 reviews

Amazon Rating:

4.5 Stars

​17 reviews


  • 12 Pack Small Game Snares
  • Sure Lock Swivel
  • Customized To Your Specs

Amazon Rating:

4.3 Stars

​12 reviews


  • One 30" and One 20" Snare
  • Wire For Setting Loop Size


  • 12 Pack Hunting Snares
  • Heavy Duty
  • Camouflage Dyed
  • Re-Usable


  • 4 Pack Hog Snares
  • Adjustable Loop End
  • Dull Gray Color Camouflage
  • Re-Usable

Amazon Rating:

4.9 Stars

​14 reviews


  • 3 Sizes
  • Swivel/Adjustable Loop Anchors
  • Re-Usable

Amazon Rating:

5 Stars

​9 reviews

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Animal snares are devices that remotely catch an animal for a variety of purposes, including food, the fur trade, hunting, pest control and wildlife management. Snares are built with snare wire, anchored cable, or wire nooses which are set to catch wild animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Limitations and regulations may apply to snares in different states. Contact your local law enforcement agency for more information.

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Animal Snares / Snare Wire

Amazon Description: This type of snare was first issued to US pilots during World War II, and continues to see wide use to this day. These are the right size for small game like squirrel, weasel, marten, grouse, rabbit, and woodchuck. For best results, learn a little about trapping and set many snares. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Will work great for snaring small game is excellent for rabbit, skunk, ground hog and opossum, and is also strong enough to hold raccoon and fox. * Snares are one of the most effective animal control devices on the market. * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee The Sure Lock Swivel is extremely effective for snaring rabbit, ground hog, fox, raccoon, skunk and opossum and similar animals. The Sure Lock Swivel is one of the most effective snare locks. We will custom manufacture snares to your specifications. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Snare Trap - Versatile Hunting Snares, 12 variety pack (DakotaLine). Small and light enough to fit in a day pack for a hiking trip, but versatile enough to catch multiple critters. This package is dyed in our Dakotaline Trap & Snare Dip to become camouflage. This package contains 12 snares, which are 3/32, 7X7 Cable and 60" long Find Out More

Amazon Description: Dakota Line's Ghost Rider Hog Snares 4 Pack Our Ghost Rider Hog snare comes in a dull gray color to blend into the night. These snares come in sets of 4. This hog snare offers the following features 84" of 7x7, 1/8th cable - Aggressive camlock- Adjustable loop end - Support collar sized for 9 gauge support wire These snares are "loaded" for a quick closure. When a hog hits it with his neck the snare comes down fast. There's no backing out with Dakota Line snares. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Plan for the best and be ready for the worst with the Dakotaline Survival Snare Package. 3 different sized snares are included in this package that will allow you to catch animals from rabbits all the way up to hogs. Small Game snare is made out of 3/64, 7x7 cable and is 30" long with an 11 gauge swivel on the anchor end. Medium Game Snare is made out of 3/32,7x7 cable and is 60" long with a 9 gauge swivel on the anchor end. Large game snare is made out of 1/8, 7x7 cable and is 84" long with an adjustable loop on the anchor end. Find Out More

Pros: Well built and easy to use. No problems with fraying.

Cons:  Missing support wires to be free-standing  but sticks and twigs can be used instead.

Pros: Pre-loaded and ready to use.

Cons:  Cable may be a little rough for latch to slide easily on the cable.