Pros:  Best stove of its type available, high quality, perfect multi-fuel stove, great design

Cons:  Heavy for its size, you have to feed it constantly, a little difficult to assemble

Amazon Rating:

4.2 Stars

​Over 140 reviews


  • Packs flat for easy storage
  • Ultra-light Weight
  • Boils Water in 10 Min
  • ​Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

Over 40 reviews


  • 5" x 5" x 6"
  • 11.5 Ounces
  • Includes a Rubberized Nylon Storage Sleeve
  • Made In the USA

Amazon Rating:

4.6 Stars

​Over 200 reviews

Pros: Burns really well, it came apart as easy as it went together, has a very sturdy design

Cons:  Bent a little before I used it, a bit on the flimsy side, adds to backpack heft

Pros:  Really light, functions well, quite versatile, simplicity at its best, a little wood goes a long way

Cons:  Lots of hard work and fire monitoring, get a better pouch

Amazon Rating:

4.8 Stars

​15 reviews

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Cooking your meals over an open campfire in the woods or wilderness is no longer your only option. Backpacking stoves or portable wood burning stoves are trendy due to their portability and affordability. Our selection of top-rated models include the advantages and disadvantages of each model as described by people who have purchased them. Backpacking stoves are also known as folding stoves because they easily fit into a backpack, bug out bag, or even in a large pocket. These stoves are also ideal for emergency or survival situations.

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Backpacking Stove

Amazon Description: Our famous multi-fuel pocket stove. Can be used with wood, other organic material, a standard Trangia burner or Esbit. Comes with two trivets for any pot size. Can also be used as a windshield/pot support for other burners. Very small and lightweight, fits into any pocket. Comes with an ash pan for soil protection. 11,5 x 9 x 0,5 cm ; 270 g flat pack, fits into any pocket multi-fuel, can be used with wood, organic matter, Trangia & Esbit Made in Germany from 100% stainless steel. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Small, but fierce! The new 3" Folding Firebox Nano is the most versatile & powerful wood-burning / multi-fuel camp stove in its class. At less than 6 ounces, the Firebox Nano is only 3″ wide and folds down to a ridiculously thin .25″. With its proprietary cross-feed fuel delivery system, this new little camp and hiking stove can easily bring 2 cups of water to a boil in under 5 minutes. No need to assemble. It is built on hinges and simply unfolds when you need to use it. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Weighing in at less than 5.45 oz., the Emberlit-UL stove caters to those who pay special attention to the weight of their gear. Made of pure titanium, the Emberlit-UL is just as strong and impervious to corrosion as it's stainless steel brother, but at half the weight. With use the individual panels that make up the EmberLit-UL may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn't affect the assembly or durability of the stove. Likewise it comes with a lifetime guarantee. you'll never wear this one out either. PROUDLY Made in the USA. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Emberlit Wood-burning Portable Stove. No more cold beans! The heat is on with this compact, flat-folding wood-burning stove. Sticks or anything burnable go through side holes; Rugged stainless steel, no corrosion; Less than 12 ozs. Supports any pot; No need to carry fuel; Lifetime Limited Mfr.'s Warranty. Panels: 4 x 5 1/2 x 6" h. (1/8" h. folded). Ideal for preppers, survivalists and more. Order right now! Emberlit Wood-burning Portable Stove. Find Out More

Amazon Description: Firebox 5" Folding Campfire Stove: "the most portable, versatile, easy to use cooking stove ever." It's a thin, portable campfire and multi-fuel stove with a 5" combustion chamber that burns very efficiently. Simply place combustible fuels in the Firebox and ignite from the top or bottom through the fire grate. Burns quick fire, small combustibles, and eco bricks. Slide the ash pan upside down directly under the bottom stove panel to seal all the holes of the fire grate. Find Out More

Pros:  Awesome, tiny, flawless, very easy to light, stove is well made, better than expected

Cons:  Priced too high


  • 3" x 4.75"
  • 5.6 Ounces
  • No Assembly
  • Multi-Fuel Versatility
  • Adjusts to Fit Small Cups or Large Pans
  • Proprietary Cross-Feed Fuel


  • 5" x 7"
  • 2.2 Pounds
  • Includes Grill Plate
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Made In the USA

Survival Supplies Store

Pros: Great little stove, simply amazing, a must have product, stout and adaptable, awesome

Cons:  Came with scratches on one side, heavy, goes through wood quickly

Amazon Rating:

4.3 Stars

​Over 100 reviews


  • Flat Pack, Fits Into Any Pocket
  • Multi-Fuel, Can be Used with Wood, Organic Matter, Trangia and Esbit