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Full Face Respirators

Protect yourself against the elements with a full face respirator. These are designed to protect individuals against certain diseases and certain chemicals. Respirators go great with hazmat suitsSee More

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and/or survivalist with a passion for learning about new resources and state-of-the-art emergency equipment that enhances and safeguards your bonding experience with nature? Are you looking for survival strategies, techniques and products to keep you and your family safe in today's chaotic and unstable world? Are you anxious to purchase radios and other communication devices to receive truthful information that replaces the current government-controlled deception-driven media where lies and misinformation create chaos and confusion? Are you ready to spend some time and money to invest in food and supplies that help you prepare in advance for emergency disasters? If so, our website provides you with a large selection of emergency supplies for your specific lifestyle and budget.

Rescue Beacons

Rescue beacons are the perfect emergency locating device. We have several waterproof models available for emergency boating needs.  See More

Radiation Detectors

Radiation detectors, also known as Geiger Counters, are used to locate and track particles produced by decay in rocky terrain and/or radiation reactions from a nuclear accelerator. Radiation detectors are becoming more common due to the increasing threat of terrorism.  See More


Paracord (parachute cord) is light weight nylon rope that is braided into strands. Paracord is extremely strong and is useful for many for many different things including emergency and survival situations. We have several different brands of paracord available in different colors, lengths, and strengths.  See More

Navigation Devices

Navigation devices are standard equipment for anyone who needs to locate his or her current position and determine the direction, speed and distance required to arrive at a different destination. An indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, climbers, survivalists, military and rescue personnel. We have several different navigation devices available for your survival needs.  See More

Survival Tools

We have several different styles of survival tools including credit card tools, multi-function tools, and Swiss Army knives. These tools are small enough to fit in your pocket or in with your emergency gear. Having an inexpensive survival tool at your disposal during an emergency is important for every prepper.  See More

Hazmat Suits | Hazardous Materials Suits

Hazmat suits are whole-body garments worn as protection against hazardous materials. We have several hazmat suits made by DuPont available for comparison and/or purchase. Often, people using hazmat suits also purchase a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA - full face respirator) to use when working with hazardous materials.  See More

Sand Bags | Emergency Sand Bags

Although sand bags can be used for other things, they are mainly used to stop the flow of water in the event of a flood. We have several inexpensive packages of sand bags available here for your emergency needs.  See More


A flashlight is a basic to have in the event of a power outage, camping, or an emergency or survival situation. We have several different shapes and sizes of flashlights for you to choose from.  See More

Fishing Kits

These little fishing kits are ideal to throw in your backpack or bug out bag. Although not quite the same as a fishing pole, these little fishing kits can be the difference between eating or not in a survival or emergency situation.  See More

First Aid Kits

Emergency first aid kits combine equipment with supplies for administering medical care to persons with injuries ranging from minor scrapes to serious traumatic injury. Emergency first aid kits can be further upgraded to add specialized products that are designed for injuries common to a particular activity.  See More

Emergency Whistles

Emergency whistles are a fundamental survival tool that can be used to alert others to an emergency situation such as injury, danger, and/or if you are lost in the wilderness. Whistles are indispensable because the sound of a whistle travels much further than a human voice and, unlike shouting, a whistle will not tire your vocal chords. We have several excellent emergency whistles available in different sizes, shapes, and sounds.  See More

Emergency Shelters

Emergency shelters are long triangular tents with open ends that fit easily into emergency kits and bug out bags, and are designed to hold heat and protect you from wind and rain in a survival situation. Our website has a variety of top-rated emergency shelters in different sizes and colors to fit your budget.  See More

Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets are light weight and low bulk protective coverings designed with a heat reflective thin Mylar material that reflects up to 90% of radiated body heat to reduce heat loss. These blankets are inexpensive and are small enough to keep in your bug out bag or to keep in your trunk. These blankets are ideal for emergency or survival situations.  See More

Crank Flashlights

An ideal emergency tool in any power outage is a crank or wind-up flashlight because it requires no replacement batteries, is activated with a minute-long turn of the handle to recharge its internal battery and is always ready to use. Our website offers crank flashlights with optional functions that go beyond just a source of light including flashing lights for roadside emergencies, sirens, weather channels, shortwave radios and many more features.  See More

Communication Devices

Emergency communication devices are your first line of emergency survival defense, connecting you with the outside world and allowing you to send and receive information in cases of a power outage or when traditional satellite service is unavailable. Our website provides you with an array of communication devices with sizes, strengths and features to fit your individual preference and budget.  See More

Car Jump Starters

Almost everyone who owns a car will eventually experience the joy of a dead battery. Our website has a variety of reliable emergency jump starters to help drivers with a dead battery start their own car, thereby eliminating the need to flag down passing vehicles or calling a towing company for help.  See More

Car Escape Tools

Very few nightmares are more terrifying than that of being trapped in a car that is either on fire or sinking in deep water. Car escape tools allow you to cut through a jammed seat belt and/or break one of the car windows. Our website offers many different car escape tools in a variety of sizes and shapes with different features to meet your specific needs.  See More

Car Emergency Kits

Auto emergency kits are one of the most important survival tools you can own to protect you in the cases of roadside emergencies. Our website offers the most comprehensive auto emergency kits that include first aid supplies as well as emergency tools to fix the vehicle, call attention to yourself and survive extreme outdoor conditions until help arrives.  See More

Bug Out Kits / Bug Out Bags (BOBs)

Bug Out Bags (BOBs - Emergency Survival Kits) are an absolutely essential component of any emergency survival plan so that you can 'grab-and-go' if you need to leave home in a hurry due to a fire, hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, etc. The bug out bags on our website contain a variety of top rated contents including food, flashlights, water, emergency shelters, emergency blankets, medical supplies, and much, much, more.  See More

Survival Guides

Survival guides are an essential addition to your bug out kit or emergency safety kit whether you are a survival expert or novice outdoor enthusiast because they provide 'lessons learned' from real people who survived when facing adversity and danger. We have some of the highest ranked survival guides with safety tips and street smart techniques that can help you avoid or protect yourself from dangerous circumstances.  See More

Solar Chargers

Solar chargers can be the most effective device for any outdoor enthusiast who is lost, injured, or in an emergency situation and needs to contact someone with a dead cell phone. Solar chargers use sunlight to help charge your cellphone (or other electrical device) while you are hiking or at rest. Our website offers an array of top-rated and affordable solar chargers that are essential to include in your emergency kit or bug out bag when you are away from a power source for an extended period of time.  See More

Signal Mirrors

Signal mirrors are the most basic and widely used all-around emergency survival signaling device because they are compact, portable and simple to operate. Our website offers a wide selection of highly rated signal mirrors for almost everyone's budget and needs.  See More

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