Whether you consider hunting to be a sport, a means of controlling the wildlife population or as food for survival for those who live off their land in the wilderness, hunting is a tradition that has existed from the beginning of time and will continue to thrive for centuries to come. Our website offers a diverse mixture of highly rated hunting snares, bows, arrows, protective devices and equipment with prices that will fit everyone's budget. Restrictions and regulations usually apply to hunting activities in each state. Contact your local law enforcement agency for more information.

Game and Trail Cameras

Whether you need a game and trail camera for hunting, survival, or just to use while camping, we have the camera for you. We have chosen several top-rated game cameras to fit your budget and needs. These cameras are great to add to your survival equipment. See More


A crossbow is a weapon with a horizontal bow-like assembly that is mounted on a stock, and shoots projectiles called bolts or quarrels. Our website offers a wide selection of highly ranked crossbows for sportsmen and hunters. See More

Compound Bows

A compound bow uses a lever system comprised of cables and pulleys to bend your bow and give it extra propelling power. We offer a large selection of the most popular, durable and accurate compound bows on the market, along with ratings from people who purchased them . See More


A blowgun is a small tube used for firing light projectiles or darts. Blowguns operate as a weapon when you insert a projectile inside the tube and use the force of your breath to provide it with momentum. Survival-Supplies-Store.com contains a large array of highly-rated and affordable blowguns to fit your budget. Check with your local law enforcement agency to confirm that blowguns are legal in your specific area . See More


An arrow is a projectile launched with a bow. Arrows are available in many lengths and different material including carbon, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. Our website offers a large assortment of arrows along with user ratings to make it easy for you to select the arrows that fit your needs . See More

Animal Snares

Animal snares are traps that are designed to catch animals for a variety of purposes, including food. Our website offers a variety of popular animal snares in different sizes shapes, depending on the size and strength of the animal you are hunting. See More


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Slingshots are Y-shaped handheld devices with an elastic strap fastened between the ends of the two prongs of the 'Y'. We offer a large selection of slingshots for protection, recreation, hunting, or survival situations. Please note that slingshots may be prohibited in some specific zip codes. Please contact your local law enforcement agency to confirm the legality of this product in your area prior to purchasing. See More

Bear Spray / Bear Deterrent

Bear spray is a survival product that is to be used in an emergency to deter an aggressive or charging bear. Bear spray, unlike pepper spray used to deter human attackers, comes in larger canisters and is effective at a longer distance. We have provided a selection of the most popular and effective brands of bear spray available. Purchase yours today to keep the bears away on your next camping trip . See More

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